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What Buddhist Believe
2004 Translation / Editing / Proof Reading Project

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PART I (Download)
Chapter 1.  Life and Nature of the Buddha Wai Chee  
Gautama, the Buddha Done Submit  
His Renunciation Submit Submit  
Nature of the Buddha Done Submit  
Was Buddha an Incarnation of God? Done Submit  
The Buddha's Service Done Submit  
Historical Evidence of the Buddha Submit Submit  
Salvation Through Arahantahood Submit Submit  
Bodhisatta Submit Submit  
Attainment of Buddhahood Done Submit  
Trikaya The Three Bodies of the Buddha Submit Submit  
Chapter 2. His Message Wai Chee  
Message for All Done Submit  
Miraculous Power Done Submit  
The Buddha's Silence Done Submit  
The Buddha's Attitude Towards Worldly Knowledge Done Submit  
The Last Message of the Buddha Done Submit  
Chapter 3. After the Buddha Wai Chee  
Does the Buddha Exist After His Death? Done Submit  
A Successor to the Buddha Done Submit  
The Future Buddha Done Submit  
PART II (Download)
Chapter 4. Timeless Truth of the Buddha Lee Yen  
The Lion's Roar Done    
What is Buddhism? Partial    
- Impact of Buddhism on Civilisation      
Buddhist Contribution to humanity      
The Ultimate Truth Done    
Two Main Schools of Buddhism Done    
Chapter 5. Basic Doctrines Lee Yen  
Tri-Pitaka(or Tipitaka) Done    
What is Abhidhamma? Done    
Mind and Matter(Nama-Rupa) Done    
Four Noble Truths Done    
The Noble Eightfold Path: The Middle Way Done    
Everything is changeable Done    
What is Kamma Partial    
- Misconception regarding Karma Done    
- Our Own Experience Done    
- Other factors which support Karma Done    
- Can Karma be changed Done    
- Impartial Energy Done    
- Classification of Karma      
- Is Everything Due to Karma      
- Why Some Wicked People Enjoy While Some Good People Suffer Done    
Rebirth Done    
Law of Dependent Origination Done    
Eternalism and Nihilism Done    
Can the First Cause be Known      
Is There an Eternal Soul? Done    
Chapter 6. Buddhism Vis-A-Vis Other Approaches KL KL  
Is Buddhism Similar to Other Contemporary Teachings in India? Done Submit  
Is Buddhism a Theory or a Philosophy? Done Submit  
Is Buddhism Pessimistic ? Done Submit  
Is Buddhism Atheistic? Done Submit  
PART III (Download)
Chapter 7. Moral Foundation For Mankind Koo BC Koo BC  
What is the Purpose of Life? Done Submit  
Buddhism for Man in Society Done Submit  
The Buddhist Way of Life for Householders Done Submit  
Chapter 8. Buddhist Morality and Practice Koo BC Koo BC  
Buddhist Ethics Done Submit  
What is Vinaya? Done Submit  
Ten Meritorious and Ten Evil Actions Done Submit  
Precepts Done Submit  
Loving-Kindness Done Submit  
Real Charity Done Submit  
Buddhist Attitude towards organ donation Submit Submit  
The Buddhist Attitude to Animal Life Done Submit  
The Need for Tolerance Today Done Submit  
Buddhist Funeral Rites Done Submit  
 Chapter 9. Dhamma and Ourselves as Refuge Koo BC Koo BC  
Why We take Refuge in the Buddha Done    
No Self Surrender Done    
No Sinners Done    
Do It Yourself Done    
Man is Responsible for Everything Done    
Man is His Own Jailor Done    
You Protect Yourself Done    
How to Save Yourself Done    
Chapter 10. Prayer, Meditation and Religious Practices Koo BC Koo BC  
Faith, Confidence and Devotion Done    
The Meaning of Prayer Done    
Meditation Done    
Nature of modern life Done    
The Significance of Paritta Chanting Done    
Are Buddhists Idol Worshippers? Done    
Religious Significance of Fasting Done    
Vegetarianism Done    
The Moon and Religious Observances Done    
PART IV (Download)
Chapter 11. Life and Culture Wai Hau  
Traditions, Customs and Festivals Done    
Buddhism and Women Done    
Buddhism and Politics Done    
Chapter 12. Marriage, Birth Control and Death Wai Hau  
Pandangan Buddhis Mengenai Perkahwinan Done    
Perceraian Done    
Kawalan Kelahiran, Pengguguran dan Bunuh Diri Done    
Membunuh Diri Done    
Mengapa Populasi Dunia Bertambah? Done    
Seks Dan Agama Done    
PART V (Download)
Chapter 13. Nature, Value and Choice of Religious Beliefs Wai Hau  
Man and Religion Done    
- Misconception on Buddhism Done    
Which is the Proper Religion? Done    
Moral and Spiritual Development Done    
The God Idea Done    
- The Development of The God Idea Done    
The god idea and creation Done    
Human weakness and the concept of god Done    
Changing of Religious Label Before Death Done    
Short-cut to Paradise and end of the world Done    
Chapter 14. Promoter of True Human Culture Thiam Poh  
Agama Dalam Zaman Sains Done    
Buddhisme Dan Sains Done    
Batasan-batasan sains Done    
Kejahilan terpelajar. Done    
Melampaui Sains Done    
Sains Tanpa Agama (Science Without Religion) Done    
Penghargaan Kepada Buddhisme Done    
Pendakwah Buddhis Done    
Chapter 15. War and Peace Thiam Poh  
Mengapa tidak ada keamanan di dunia ini? Done    
Wajarkah peperangan? Done    
Sikap Buddhis Done    
Bolehkan seorang Buddhis menjadi askar? Done    
Bunuh Kasihan (Mercy Killing) Done    
Membunuh untuk mempertahankan diri. Done    
Pendirian Buddhis berkenaan hukuman mati (Baru)